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The Office cultivates the legal traditions from the before-the-war period, which put the
Customer’s good on the first position. For this reason we offer our services in accordance with a Roman rule: Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur – "A faithful friend in a precarious situation is distinguished."

We assure comfort to our Customers in life and
in business. Mutual trust, reliability, responsibility, atmosphere of partnership and high level of services are our most important objectives.

Global Character
The team of the Legal Office consists of seventy two lawyers, including barristers and legal
advisors. Our partners and associates run activity within the whole Poland . With the help of our foreign partners we also run proceedings in most of the countries of the European Union, as well as in Russia, Ukraine, and in the USA.
We specialise in almost all legal domains, including the international and European Union law. We are not limited to mere theory – our
collaborators possess the ability to apply the law in practice. We combine professionalism, apparent also in rendering services in foreign languages, with a true elegance in the execution of our profession.

We care for the Customer safety with the help of all the available knowledge. Each case is treated individually, because each one constitutes for us an ambitious challenge. That is why, when solving Customers’ problems, we not only use information about the constitutional law and obeyed customs, but also foresee directions of the development of the law and its interpretation, evaluate the possibilities of the practical implementation of the law in various undertakings, compare Polish regulations with regulations of other countries, and also the law of the European Union and international law.
The Legal Office in its work profusely derives profits from experiences and achievements of numerous other disciplines of science, especially crime detection, sociology, economy, psychology, philosophy, mathematics.

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